Private insurance, SEGURMALLORCA

We offer different types of insurance from the most basic to the most innovative guarantees.
You can buy insurance that best  your needs.

Car and motor bikes insurance

Seguro de coche / CAR INSURANCE

All information about our Car Insurance

Seguros de moto / MOTOR BIKE INSURANCE

Home insurance and communities

Seguros de hogar / HOME INSURANCE
Seguro de Comunidades / COMMUINITIES

Health Insurance

Seguro de salud / HEALT INSURANCE
Seguro de salud dental / DENTAL INSURANCE
Incapacidad Laboral Temporal / T.O.Disability Insurance
Seguro de hospitalización / Hospital Insurance Services

Life Insurance

Seguros de Vida / LIFE INSURANCE
Seguros de Dependencia
Seguros de Repatriación / REPATRIATION INSURANCE

Boat Insurance

Seguro de Embarcaciones / BOAT INSURANCE
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